How To Avoid Dry Skin In The Winter

How To Avoid Dry Skin In The Winter

Who Doesn't Love This Time Of Year?!... Probably Your Skin. 

Winter weather can be drying to your skin which can be damaging in the long run. Keep reading to see how to combat dry skin during the winter weather.

1. Dry skin gently, then thoroughly rehydrate the skin.

      Patting skin dry after cleansing will help leave some of the moisture behind to help absorb into the skin to give extra hydration. 

2. Use cooler water for face washing.

     Opting for cold to lukewarm water during the winter weather will help to prevent extra drying to the skin and help restore skins natural moisture and oils.

3. Skip the alcohol toners and products.

      Some of our facial products like toner will have alcohol in them which can be safe, but very drying to the skin. Try switching to alcohol free toners like THIS ONE instead to keep the same benefits, but help to not strip natural oils from the face 

4. Avoid fragrance soaps and lotions

      Fragrance soaps and lotions can be drying to the skin especially in the winter. Opt for a more natural approach for thicker lotion feel like all natural raw shea butter found HERE.

5. Invest in a humidifier 

     Adding a humidifier to your night time routine will help to keep the drying heat in the home and brutal winter air from drying out your skin and keeping the air and skin moist throughout the night. There are some great cheap options HERE

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